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Many internet users are not even aware of the presence of many well-known and often very funny videos, in consequence they do not understand a lot of jokes based on the popular video. To keep up with the progressive society of Internet users, you can view all popular videos on our website and then will know the basis of humor, based on funny videos. Good video quickly is not easy to find, and on our website you will get it quickly and in large numbers, and if you actively vote, then quickly learn the best rated videos from Youtube site, view which will bring you a lot of fun.

This project is a Web 2.0 solution so that users themselves can add all their favorite clip Yutuba and vote for him. As a result, the highest rating will take only really the best in the opinion of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, as opposed to most YouTube, where the rating is often not provide how any adequate assessment to the Russian-speaking user due to the fact that there vote with people from all over the world who have a sense of humor can vary greatly. Just a comment on the clips will be left only Russian-speaking users, and you will not see on the site comments in an incomprehensible language. Simply put everything simply and clearly on this site!

The site is integrated with popular social network VKontakte, so that you can easily share with new funny videos by clicking the "Like" button or leave a comment in the form below to add comments VKontakte. As our site is integrated with social network, which allows you to add in your opinion the best videos from Youtube site to your page Third, our website has a convenient button on the social networking site Facebook, which allows you to share your favorite videos on his page and lastly on each page of the video you will find a Google Plus button, a new social network is gaining in popularity in recent months, so do not forget to press the button and :) The main highlight of this website is to have the ability to add quotes to the video that you have been heard during playback and will not leave you indifferent. Due to the citations to the video you easily in the future will be able to find your desired video into a search engine such as Google or Yandex.

This site is the best source of relaxation and uplift your mood. If you sit at work and do not know what to do, then go ahead and open the best video Yutuba and enjoy! All videos added by users. The administration does not bear any responsibility. Youtube video - Our group VKontakte Come, join.

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